Thursday, June 30, 2011

Going Down......Atherstone Locks

Approaching Atherstone Bottom Lock
An early start for us today at 9.30am as we had the  eleven Atherstone locks to work through. Luckily these locks empty quickly although they take an age to fill up. As we were going down the flight and there was lots of boats coming up we did the flight in two and three quarter hours. Ben and I walked from lock to lock and he was keen to get on the boat at the bottom of the flight.The raised bricks shown in the photo are a great help when opening and shutting the heavy gates on this flight.

We met Anne and Iain on NB Dreckley going up the flight, Anne reads my blog and of course recognised Ben and the boat name. Iain told me they do a blog so I googled it to find it and I've added it to my blog list.

We continued on our way and moored in the countryside before Polesworth all on our own we thought but by 7.00pm there were three more boats in our peaceful spot!

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