Friday, June 10, 2011

Escape From Great Haywood

Cuddle time.....3 generations

Plenty of room above Deptmore Lock
Yesterday Wilsons of Kinver came to fit the cratch while we were moored in Great Haywood Marina. Today they delivered our new sofa bed so now we now have visitors. Deliveries done we escaped from the marina this morning. Eric has been suffering from static electric shocks every time he got on the boat while we were moored on the floating pontoons even went he rubbed the rubber mat before he touched metal. Poor Ben had a shock too when Eric took off his lead! I was OK as long as put my feet on the rubber mat first. We stopped on the empty water point and picked up some lovely pots of trailing petunias from the Farm Shop so now the roof of the boat is adorned with flowers.

Finally on our way  we went slowly past all the boats moored at Tixall Wide including NB Karla who are  blog readers. We then cruised for several hours working through Tixall Lock and Deptmore Lock before mooring up above the lock. While Ben and I were walking Ben went in the canal and came out with black legs, luckily he went paddling further along and came out clean! Now he is  having a snooze's a hard life being a dog.

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anne said...

lovely family snap !!