Friday, June 24, 2011

Delay At Atherstone Locks (On The Coventry Canal)

Queues at Atherstone Locks

 We're getting the lock ready to go up
Hurray nobody woke us at the crack of dawn as they passed our mooring. We were still ready to go by 9.30am. First of all it was walk the dog time alongside the boat as Eric cruised to our first stop of the day at Bradley Green to use the services. We  were in a convoy of four but the first two boats passed by  so we had room to moor at the waterpoint. Soon we were ready to carry on with our cruise.

Ben  and I headed off to the start of the climb up to Atherstone. The water levels in the pounds were low and after two locks we had to wait an hour while BW let some water down to refill the pounds. Apparently the low levels were caused by paddles left open overnight. We needed to go as far as Atherstone to stop at the Coop to shop for the weekend. We're off up the Ashby Canal as we are having visitors on Sunday......Sally, Lisa and granddaughter Gwenllian are coming to see us. Gwenllian's first visit to the boat, so it should be fun. We decided to take a diversion because there is a Historic Boat Rally at Braunston this weekend and we'd have trouble finding anywhere to moor.

We moored to shop on Atherstone Visitor Moorings and when we'd put the shopping away there was a tap on the window, Adam and Adrian from NB Briar Rose going to buy a cork screw as they had wine but no cork screw. Adam wasn't  expecting us to be on the Coventry Canal and yes....... we chatted about the problem with the Travel Power. They were moored further down the lock flight.  We've also passed  a boat called Harnser and NB Piston Broke  on our travels this week. We decided to have a meal and do the five locks later and we were still moored up near Hartshill by 7.00pm although we did end up locking in the rain. Edited as Adam tells me NB Harnser isn't on the Coventry Canal! 


Adam said...

Really nice to see you yesterday. We thought you might have got wet, as it began just as we got back the the boat after shopping. We waved as we went past this morning, but you didn't seem to be about. Nice mooring, which we've noted for future reference!

We saw Piston Broke too, and a Harnser, but's it must be a different Harnser as Brian has been on the Thames for the past couple of weeks. I think there are quite a few of them about!

Elsie said...

Hi Adam,
I don't expect we were up! Recovering after all those locks.