Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Busy Saturday In Newport

Lots to do today but first of all Ben needed a good run, so off to Tredegar Park we went where there was plenty of room to run and chase a ball. Surprisingly enough Ben remembered there was water there too as the River Ebbw runs alongside the park. I spent my childhood in this park as I lived just five minutes away. Ben found it hot and sheltered under a tree puffing and panting with his tongue hanging out. Ben suitably exercised we visited my dad  who was pleased to see us. He's recently had a hearing aid and it was certainly much easier now to have a conversation.

Next was a visit to IKEA while Ben stayed at Clare's house and had a quiet afternoon. We enjoyed our shopping and bought some Poang leather chairs after testing loads of armchairs for comfort and know why they are a familiar sight on lots of narrow boats. Of course we came back with lots of bits and pieces including paints, brushes and a roll of  paper  for Gwenllian. Eric chose a big soft toy dog for her too.

Back in Newport we collected Ben and then went to visit our daughter Lisa and granddaughter Gwenllian. At first Gwenllian was unsure of Ben but very soon they were playing ball or should I say she was throwing the ball for Ben to bring back. Of course Eric and Gwenllian had to try out the paints and  she really loved the toy dog........he/she was very cuddly. Gwenllian kept her grandad busy looking at books and building with bricks but he only had a goodbye kiss on the cheek as he has a moustache....I was surprised she knew what a moustache is! I had a proper kiss. We'll see them again tomorrow as Lisa is cooking Sunday lunch.

Panting in the shade

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