Monday, June 20, 2011

The Trent & Mersey Canal - Great Haywood To Bridge 69

Bendi waiting at Great Haywood Lock

On our way to Colwich Lock
Today Ben and walked down to Great Haywood with Eric steering the boat- our first port of call was the Anglowelsh boat yard where we filled up with fuel and did all the other things required. They were kind enough to let us fill up using their hose avoiding the queues at the BW waterpoint. Then we were on our way passing all the moored boats at Great Haywood to join the queue for the lock.

I then walked to Colwich Lock with Ben the dog and we queued again- good really because there was plenty of people about to help when one of the bottom gates needed shutting. Nothing's changed it's always been a pain to shut! Lots of people to chat to usually starting with 'what part of Wales are you from?' We got on for a ride and stopped just after Bridge 69 usually a quiet spot but there's a line of boats here. We are opposite the pig stys, it's smelly ......depending on the direction of the wind!

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