Monday, June 06, 2011

Another Busy Day ......A Visit To The Seaside

Mum and Dad's pain in the arse! (photo by Clare)

Today started  early, we were at the doctors by 8.45am for our six monthly checkups and then our repeat prescriptions to be collected from the chemist. We know have three monthly repeats which makes life easier as we now collect three months medication  rather than having to get a repeat each month.  Our daughter Clare looked after Ben for us as leaving him in the van is a no go as the alarms go off when you lock the doors. By the time we got back Clare had had enough of playing ball with Ben! She put his picture on face book with the above caption.

I then took Ben for a walk along the footpath through the old Tredegar Park Golf Course to the Tredegar Park and Eric met me the other side of the underpass for the M4 motorway after he parked the van. We played with the ball thrower for half an hour before deciding to go to the seaside...... I love to see the sea so Eric took me to Penarth. The sea there was muddy brown but it's been a lovely sunny day with views right across to Flatholm and Steepholm as well as Brean Down and Weston Super Mare. It was surprising the number of people out and about enjoying the seaside. Of course we had to sample some Thornton's ice was delicious.

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