Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Busy Day- On The Ashby Canal

BW Hartshill Yard (May 2008)
Having arranged to meet our visitors on the Ashby Canal, we had to get there so we cruised from 10am until 4.30pm. We passed BW Hartshill Yard today and since I didn't have my camera ready ( it was on the boat) I looked back at one I took in May 2008. The  boats moored two abreast on the water point were no longer there, so you could actually get to the water point but we didn't stop there today as we planned to fill up later after the washing machine had finished its load. Ben and I had a good walk and we even managed to stay dry.  Today there weren't any boats moored at the BW Hartshill Yard as you can see in the photo on NB Briar Rose's Blog.

We followed another boat for a while which kept running aground, it must have had a deep draught as we were OK. Eric helped by pulling him off with a rope, and he let us pass him by. Beside the Hartshill Yard towers a huge spoil tip made from the local quartzite quarry, although you actually pass it  by, near Nuneaton. We didn't stop at  Nuneaton although we have stopped in the past to use the local shops at Bridge 21. Nuneaton town centre is  a good walk from the canal although it has an Asda if you need a big food shop.

Finally it was a left turn at Marston Junction and we were on the Ashby Canal. There are boats moored everywhere on this canal so progress was slow, not that you could go any quicker as the non towpath side banks look delicate in places. Ben had several paddles in the reeds on the soft sides as we had another walk and came out with all black legs, which were washed later on a reed free section. We passed Visitor Moorings all full up and any Armco sides also had boats attached. We finally found a space  a few bridges down from our planned rendezvous tomorrow, so we'll go and pick them up in the morning.


anne said...

have a lovely day,,,,I have had the twins here all week

Elsie said...

Yes I've been looking forward to their visit. Doing out cruise in a reverse order to planned so will be coming up the River Soar and River Trent to Nottingham to see you.....looking forward to that too!