Saturday, May 07, 2011

We Must Be Mad- Cruising In The Rain- Wheaton Aston To Brewood

The church at Brewood, a view from the canal
Last night we had a thunder and lightening storm with lots of rain and Ben sought refuge on our bed! This morning is was still raining but we decided to move anyway........we must be mad! Ben and I walked in the rain and were rather soggy by the time we neared Brewood pronounced 'Brood' by the locals. Eric was soggy too as his favourite waterproof coat needs replacing! A brief stop at Brewood to get some shopping in the local Coop before we moved on to Bridge 8. We didn't stay at Brewood as there's no satellite TV reception because of trees and the Grand Prix is on tomorrow. We spotted NB Caxton  moored here too, Lesley and Joe shouted hello it's Bendigedig as  we passed them to moor up in a space further along.

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