Thursday, May 19, 2011

Very Busy At Tixall Wide

Ben paddling in the Trent at Essex Bridge

Today we got up and off I went to walk the dog on a circular 4 mile route taking in Great Haywood, Shugborough and Milford before returning back along the towpath to the boat. On the way we had a stop by the River Trent near Essex Bridge where Ben had great fun paddling and running in the water after stones, which sank so he didn't get them.

While I was away Eric was busy on the roof of the boat tackling the rust spots, which were rubbed down and given a coat of 'Kurust'. In the afternoon he rollered the roof with evil smelling 'Prekote'. The roof is now dazzling white waiting for  it's top coat of cream, but first he has to re sand where the rusty spots were. I helped him with some small brush work once I'd finishing varnishing the front door and side hatch frames and the trims on work tops. So  we've had a very busy day, luckily faggots and peas were cooking in the oven so tea was nice and easy. Tixall Wide had plenty of room to moor this morning and now it's busy too, every  space is filled.

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