Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up The Locks To Stone And Back


On Monday we stayed put as bad weather was forecast and it was windy. I took Ben for a walk while Eric ran the engine to warm up the oil as he wanted to service the engine in the afternoon. We walked up to the village shop to post a card to my dad and get a daily paper. He did the service, the oil was really black, maybe as we used 'Fuelset' in the fuel for the first time when we last filled up. While  he was in the engine hole Eric checked the batteries and they were all OK.

Today we decided to do the three locks up to Stone and find a mooring below the 'Star Inn' Lock as we didn't plan to go any further. It was a case of no room on the Visitor Moorings so we used the winding hole below the lock and headed off to try and find somewhere to stop just to do a bit of shopping. We ended up mooring where only the front end of the boat was near the bank with the back end grounded away from the bank, but near enough to walk back to Stone to visit Morrisons for some fresh food. Shopping done we moved on to moor above Aston Lock where we were floating rather than listing to one side.

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