Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Short Cruise - Moored On Nantwich Embankment

We were up early on Saturday morning by the bang of the boat as it crashed against the Shroppie shelf- an underwater ledge which causes problems when mooring up. We planned to move so it didn't really matter, it just meant we'd be ready to go nice and early. Alan and Eiddwen on NB Shush were up early too and they said their goodbyes as they headed north as we're going south. Perhaps we'll meet again on our travels.

I walked into Nantwich with Ben the dog and Eric steered the boat, bikes about already so it was a lead walk for Ben. We had to wait to use the water point before the moorings so I popped to Nantwich Canal Centre and managed to get the spare alternator belt we needed as well as some undercoat. We filled up and as if by magic three spaces appeared on the embankment moorings, we were just in time  as by twelve o'clock it was full once again. Eric walked back to the chandlers to get some Beta filters and some 'Fuel Set' to avoid any diesel problems.

We opened all the windows and closed some of the curtains to keep Ben cool while we went shopping in Nantwich. It was busy with a market but we enjoyed the hustle and bustle for a change. A local butcher was cooking burgers and onions on a huge barbecue outside his shop- the smell was enough to tempt us and they were delicious. We nearly passed a barber's but Eric decided on a haircut before we went to Morrison's for some food shopping. We walked back to the boat and decided to stay put for the rest of the day. This is one of the places where the boat doesn't bang every time a boat goes past a bit quick!


artymess said...

My first holiday on a narrowboat in 1976 started in Nantwich ...and my lifelong dream of having my own started then too .....x

Sue said...

I see you have some of those roundy fenders.

If you drop them right down under the water where the ledge is.. hey tie them on first.. then they will cushion Bendigidig from the Shroppie Ledge and you won't bang.

Elsie said...

Hi Sue, Yes we do, but at Nantwich the long fenders kept coming out as the boat moved a lot with the speedy boats, being moored on badly spaced rings.

Elsie said...

Hi Artymess, Dreams come true, just keep on dreaming!

Sue said...

Maybe you ought to get yourselves a pair of wheels from Screwfix, they are just the right size..