Friday, May 13, 2011

A Short Cruise- From Swindon To Bratch Visitor Moorings

Frothy water in Bumblehole Lock

A very quiet night at Swindon, away from roads and railways so perfect peace. We didn't wake up until a boat went past about 9 am, so it wasn't an early start for us. Ben and I walked to Wombourne working the boat up the locks on the way. Eric always helps me, he doesn't  just stay on the boat and issue orders. We moored up at Wombourne to visit Sainsbury's which is conveniently near the canal to get some fresh stuff and get a big bag of dog food to keep Ben going. We had lunch before doing Bumblehole Lock where the water was frothy making NB Bendigedig look like it was having a bubble bath.  I walked up to ask the lock keeper at Bratch if it was OK to come up the locks and he came down to help. He's a great lock keeper, always chatty and he even brought me a wet wipe when I got oil on my hands. We moored up above the locks and then the rain came down!

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