Monday, May 09, 2011

On The Staffs & Worcester- Going South

Aldersley Junction looking up the Wolverhampton 21 Flight
Today we left our peaceful mooring and headed for Authersley Junction, as usual Ben and I walked a couple of miles before getting back on board to do the final stretch to the waterpoint. Topped up with water we went up a few inches through the stop lock at the bottom of the Shroppie, as the level of the Staffs & Worcester Canal is a few inches higher than the S.U.C. We turned right to head towards Stourport and it was great to hear the birds in this very green and rural canal. We passed Aldersley Junction where the Wolverhampton 21 flight is visible through the bridge hole. We are NOT going that way!
We went through Compton Lock and moored below and guess who was moored in front of us NB Caxton. We went to Lime Kiln Chandlers to get some cream paint for the boat roof.....Toplac is a good price at £17.30 and then to the 'Daisy'supermarket to get some fruit. We picked up a 'small' cod and chips on the way back to boat but next time we'll have just one small portion of chips as there were far too many for us. The crew of NB Caxton came back to their boat and we had a good chat while Lesley showed me over their lovely boat before they left ahead of us. We had a cuppa then carried on to find NB Caxton going down the next lock. Ben met their pair of black labs, Fletcher and Floyd and they were all OK together. A few locks later we finally stopped above Dimmingsdale Lock, and set up the satellite dish for a quiet evening once the rain stopped. 

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