Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Cream Roof!

We haven't moved from our mooring on Tixall Wide unless you count the movement of the boat due to waves outside at the moment caused by the wind. Tixall Wide is usually a very windy place but for the last three days it has been kind to us and Eric has rollered three coats of paint on the roof starting with Prekote and then two coats of  Toplac Cream. He's glad it's done and he didn't get rained on!  He still has the blue to do, but it's not such a big job.

Ben and I have been out  walking in the mornings and yesterday we walked to Great Haywood and then followed a path through the wooded non-towpath side of the canal  before  getting milk and a paper and heading back to the boat.  Today we walked along the towpath up to the River Sow Aqueduct and back to the boat, we could have gone further but Ben's not keen on the noise as the Virgin Trains which run next to the towpath.

I had an appointment at 1 o'clock for a hair cut at Elms Hair Studio  in Great Haywood and the hairdresser got rid of six weeks growth. A good cut so I'll be going back when we are next In Great Haywood. It's a unisex salon with a barber too. I did some shopping in the Spar and then went to the Farm Shop to get some strawberries. They were gorgeous, juicy and sweet...... the best strawberries I've had for a very long time. Now I am going to watch Doctor Who, so goodbye for now.

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Nb Caxton said...

It's worth the effort Eric, big improvement but you might need sunglasses with all that light reflected by your new colour scheme!