Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Moving On- To Market Drayton

There's room at Market Drayton too!

After a very quiet night at Cox Bank we decided to move on to Market Drayton which meant going up the last two locks to the top of the Audlem Flight. Ben and I walked while Eric steered the long straight stretches of the Shropshire Union Canal hampered by the wind. We arrived at the bottom of the Adderley 5 locks and today we were in luck at every lock had a boat coming down so we changed places in the pounds.

At the top lock is Adderley Wharf Farm Shop and there used to be just new laid eggs and delicious cakes but they now sell lamb, pork, bacon, bread, eggs and sausages. I was disappointed there were no Victoria Sponges but we had some cup cakes and some pork and leek sausages. Alison said to ring the day before we do the Adderley Flight and she'll make us a sponge specially. The sausages were delicious and I'm looking forward to that cake. An orphan lamb was following Alison around as she'd bottle fed it, he's destined to a job of keeping the grass short rather than the dinner table.

The Old WW2 Pillbox next to the canal at Bridge 62
Ben and I had a ride for the last few miles to Market Drayton and we passed NB Celtic Kiwi with a couple from Melbourne on board who tell me they read my hello again to you! We stopped for water, rubbish and cassettes before going through bridge 62 to find room on the visitor moorings. We'd actually chosen a good day to visit Market Drayton as it was market day. We were heading for Homebase as we needed some 'Kurust' to sort out the rust spots on the roof of the boat before it gets painted cream to reflect the heat. We were glad to be back on the boat and relaxing for the rest of the afternoon, and Ben was pleased to see us too.

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