Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving Again - Tixall Wide To Deptmore Lock

Stafford Boat Club
This morning we woke to rain hammering on the roof  and it didn't stop  until 3 o'clock, so Ben and I had a walk in the rain and got wet. Eric and I  patiently waited for the rain to stop before we untied the mooring ropes and were on our way towards Penkridge.  Ben and I walked in pudddles along the towpath to Tixall Lock which had to be emptied before we could use it and then got back on board. On our way Eric helped a stranded Anglo Welsh boat which  had got stuck in the shallows by pulling them backwards into the middle of the canal again. They'd been stuck a while and poling the boat was getting them nowhere. We only cruised for two hours going through Deptmore Lock but atleast the rain stayed away and we moored above the Lock, but it was great to be moving.

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