Sunday, May 08, 2011

Moored Up- Bridge 8 On The Shroppie

Today(Sunday) we stayed put as Eric wanted to watch the Grand Prix. Although the weather forecast said rain  today it's stayed dry until 9 pm. We had a noisy Saturday night with very heavy rain,  I used ear plugs to shut out the noise of rain hammering on the roof. This morning Ben and I had a lovely long walk back to Brewood as he needed a walk and I needed a Sunday paper. The towpath was muddy in places but Ben washed his feet in the canal as he was having a drink. Back on the boat Eric had done the vacuum cleaning and the washing up! Later on I cooked a roast chicken dinner with rice pudding for afters.....very nice too, even Ben had some chicken, cabbage and carrots!


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Elsie
We were talking about you yesterday, were your ears burning? We were talking to the tour guide at Tredegar House, Chris was it? Said he had been a neighbour of yours.

Elsie said...

Hi Derek and Dot,

Chris is quite a character- does a lot of amateur dramatics. His house was at the end of our garden.Over four years since we left that house!