Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Locks And More Locks- Going Up The Audlem Flight

Going Up....... Audlem Flight of Locks
Eric's being a 'Grumpy Old Man' today, first of all he lost a fender in the cut  (heavy rubber kind), then  the moored boat in front decided to get water just as we were going to fill up and then he soaked himself with clean water doing the cassettes......it could have been worse. Later going up the Audlem flight the overflow of water across the front of one of the locks caused him to crash......cupboards open, sugar everywhere, no breakages but everything balancing on the edges by the shelves.....soon put right though.

It's been another beautiful sunny day and the washing drying outside in the breeze.  We passed NB Armadillo moored up at Audlem and I stopped to say hello to Jill and Graham onboard while Eric moored the boat up for the lock.  We did meet a few boats coming down and we swapped places in the pounds but the majority of locks had to be emptied before we could use them.  We decided to moor up at Cox Bank near the top of the Audlem Flight  and relax for the rest of the afternoon........smiles all round.


Graham and Jill Findlay said...

It was good to meet you, shame we couldn't have a bit of a chinwag but "Ships that pass in the night". Take care and have a good cruise.

Elsie said...

Nice to meet you too....I'm sure we'll meet again.

Alf said...

The trick when the by-washes are running too fast is to open the bottom gates then open the top paddles, this diverts the by-wash through the lock. You wont be wasting water, just diverting it !

Elsie said...

Good idea, never thought of doing that. Thanks Alf