Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Five Hours Cruising Today- Gailey To Deptmore Lock

The view from the side hatch, just canal and lots of greenery
A busy Tuesday with quite a few locks and did I struggle with some of the paddle gear, so problem solved with a new long throw aluminium windlass from Midland Chandlers. We had a list of things we wanted including replacing a few of the power hungry halogen wall lights with led's. The new improved store is good as you can find what you want, we got nearly all the things on the list  BUT Eric wanted a brass tunnel light and horn and they didn't have any....... as rare as hen's teeth .....as they don't  know when they will be able to source any more.

We had planned to moor at Penkridge but no room today on the town visitor moorings, that's why we ended up having a longer cruise . The M6 runs quite near the canal on this stretch and you can hear it's drone even when you can't see it, so mooring near Deptmore Lock means it's far enough away. If not It'll be ear plugs again tonight.

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