Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dimmingsdale Lock To Swindon, Staffs & Worcs Canal

NB Bendigedig on the Staffs & Worcs Canal
Last night was a bad night for Ben the dog, I have never seen him shake so much with fear when we had a prolonged thunder and lightning storm. This morning we up and ready to go by 9.30am as we had several locks to do before we reached Bratch Locks. A took a photo of the circular weirs common on this canal.

A circular weir
NB Bendigedig above Bratch Locks
Lots of bikes on this canal so it was lead walking for Ben and I put him on the boat to work down Bratch Locks. We moored up at the top to go and have a look if anyone was coming up, but the lock keeper soon came and said we could go down. As usual the lock keeper  told me exactly what to do and worked one side whilst I did the other, it's sometimes confusing with red and blue paddles! I really need to get another aluminion long throw windlass as I'm finding the paddle gear hard going.

Going Down - in the middle lock
Every photo of Bratch has the toll house in it, so here's mine. One more lock to do called Bumblehole Lock  and we pulled in by Wombourne Bridge (43) to visit Sainsbury's to do a big food shop......nice and close for all the heavy stuff.  After lunch we  worked through Botterham Staircase Locks, Marsh Lock and Swindon Lock before mooring up opposite the cricket pitch at Swindon......no match today but a good spot for satellite TV.

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