Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shopping In Stafford .... Peace In Tixall Wide

Eric going into Deptmore Lock
Today we left our mooring a bridge away from Deptmore Lock, yes I did need ear plugs due to the noise of the M6. We didn't have far to go as we were planning to stop at Radford Bank and take the bus into Stafford for a little retail therapy. Ben had his walk as Eric steered the boat. We didn't have long to wait for the bus and paid our fares as welsh passes are useless in England. Millets didn't have the waterproof coat Eric wanted , M&S didn't have the knickers I wanted in my size and then 'the olde sweet shoppe' didn't have any coconut macaroons.......what a day! I did manage to get a new pair of trainers although Eric didn't find any he liked in his size.

Back on the boat Ben was waiting for us so we caught a bus back to Radford Bank, once we found the bus stop. Stafford is peculiar in that there isn't a bus station. We waited for the rain to stop and then headed for Tixall Wide, I needed a nice quiet spot for a good nights sleep. The sun came out as we travelled!

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