Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Deptmore Lock To Penkridge And Back

Low water in the Pound below Penkridge Lock
Today we cruised from Deptmore Lock To Penkridge working through the locks on the way. Above Longford Lock (No. 39) the pound was low due to badly leaking bottom gates with a BW signage to leave the lock empty when you left the lock. It was difficult to get out of the lock due to the leakage but we managed it and stayed in the middle of the canal  to get above Penkridge Lock where we watered up and did the cassettes before winding (turning around) and going back the way we came. There is a stoppage at Longford Lock tomorrow for repairs but a long queue of boats had decided to wait because the pound was low. The low levels made us remember the Shroppie when Shebdon breached and we cruised from Market Drayton to Hack Green with similar low water levels. Once below Longford Lock the water levels were fine and we cruised in the sunshine,  a lovely day for boating!

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