Thursday, May 05, 2011

Cruising-Tyrley Locks To Norbury Junction

Tyrley Cutting leading to Tyrley Locks

Today we left Market Drayton and headed to Tyrley Locks, as usual Ben and I had our morning walk. The water levels were low so the fierce weirs were much calmer than usual but we had to empty every lock as all the traffic was going up until we got to the top lock where a boat was coming down. The waterpoint at Tyrley is still out of action......I wonder when it will work!

'Men At Work' at Woodseaves Cutting ( waiting for us to pass by)

Time to get back on the boat before we walked in the mud and puddles that form the towpath of Woodseaves Cutting. There were 'men at work'  busy clearing the rock fall that partially blocked the canal, they had plenty to do when we'd passed by........they posed for the photo!

Ben and I had another walk later on the long stretch near the Sheddon Embankment, the location of last year's breach but we got back on the boat rather than walk Grub Street Cutting  which is usually very muddy. We finally moored up after five hours cruising- a long day for us. Plenty of places to moor too at Norbury Junction.

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