Friday, May 06, 2011

Cruising- Norbury Junction To Wheaton Aston

This mornings pre-cruising engine check showed a frayed alternator belt so Eric's first job was to replace it before it went completely. We popped in Norbury Wharf to get a replacement we needed a 6PK1103 , they had 6PK1100 which is only 3mm difference so it should be OK as we have adjusters. So our cruise started a little later after a quick stop to top up the water tank, empty a cassette and get rid of the rubbish.

Although the day started quite overcast the sun came out in the afternoon. We enjoy this section of the Shroppie with  views of 'The Wrekin' (google it) and no locks today. There's a long pound between Tyrley Locks and the next lock at Wheaton Aston. Ben and I had an afternoon walk for a change walking from Norbury Junction to Gnosall with the boat, it was lovely as we had the towpath to ourselves. We pulled in at Turners  to top up with fuel before backing up to an available mooring space. Eric put a second coat on the cream front doors, so now we're just waiting for them to dry.

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