Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy At Aston Lock

Today we got up......all was quiet and just as we were ready to everywhere and queues at the lock.  So we had a cuppa tea!   I decided to do the hoovering before we left, we then tagged on the end of the queue and I went down to give a hand at the lock. Time to have a chat with the other boaters as we worked them through the lock.

Ben and I had a walk and then it was back on the boat for a coffee before the next lock. Soon we were moored up near Weston and the swans came by for lunch. Eric took their picture. Narrowboat Hadar passed us by, I knew I recognised the boat as it was coming towards us with Keith and Jo on the back.

Eric did a bit of painting and tried sponge paintbrushes from the chandlers in Stone and is very pleased with the finish. Let's hope the rain stays away.

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