Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Deptmore Lock To Penkridge And Back

Low water in the Pound below Penkridge Lock
Today we cruised from Deptmore Lock To Penkridge working through the locks on the way. Above Longford Lock (No. 39) the pound was low due to badly leaking bottom gates with a BW signage to leave the lock empty when you left the lock. It was difficult to get out of the lock due to the leakage but we managed it and stayed in the middle of the canal  to get above Penkridge Lock where we watered up and did the cassettes before winding (turning around) and going back the way we came. There is a stoppage at Longford Lock tomorrow for repairs but a long queue of boats had decided to wait because the pound was low. The low levels made us remember the Shroppie when Shebdon breached and we cruised from Market Drayton to Hack Green with similar low water levels. Once below Longford Lock the water levels were fine and we cruised in the sunshine,  a lovely day for boating!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving Again - Tixall Wide To Deptmore Lock

Stafford Boat Club
This morning we woke to rain hammering on the roof  and it didn't stop  until 3 o'clock, so Ben and I had a walk in the rain and got wet. Eric and I  patiently waited for the rain to stop before we untied the mooring ropes and were on our way towards Penkridge.  Ben and I walked in pudddles along the towpath to Tixall Lock which had to be emptied before we could use it and then got back on board. On our way Eric helped a stranded Anglo Welsh boat which  had got stuck in the shallows by pulling them backwards into the middle of the canal again. They'd been stuck a while and poling the boat was getting them nowhere. We only cruised for two hours going through Deptmore Lock but atleast the rain stayed away and we moored above the Lock, but it was great to be moving.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Few Days Moored At Tixall Wide

Since Thursday afternoon we've been moored up watching the world go by. Tixall Wide was nearly empty of boats when we arrived but day by day it filled up and by Sunday there was nowhere to moor. Down in Great Haywood it was just the same with queues for water and at the lock. We've had a thoroughly lazy few days other than the usual dog walking. The weather has been wild with rain and wind interspersed with some dry spells so no chance of getting on with any exterior painting. I've read a couple of books and Eric enjoyed TV with the Grand Prix to watch. But tomorrow we are going on a little jaunt up towards Penkridge  for a few days before we put the boat in Great Haywood Marina for a week as we're off to stay with my daughter Clare in Newport. We looked at the weather forecast and it's going to be wet, so we'll probably move after lunch when the rain may have stopped.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wet, Wet, Wet Cruising To Great Haywood And Tixall Wide

Tixall Gatehouse- a view from the window
First thing this morning it was pouring with rain so we decided to move a bit later as we needed to get water and do the cassettes at Great Haywood. The rain stopped by eleven and we had a pleasant hour with no rain and then it came down in buckets. Luckily we had our wet gear on and I was walking Ben so he got pretty wet too, not that he cares about getting wet. Other boats moving in both directions made the two locks nice and easy as the gates were open for us and we didn't have to close them after us either. We arrived at Great Haywood  and the waterpoint mooring was empty so we got all the jobs done and replaced our empty gas canister at Anglowelsh. Water tank full it was turn right and time to fill up the fuel tank as we needed about 100 litres. All done we set off to moor at Tixall Wide, where the wind is blowing, rocking the boat and the water looks like the sea with all the waves. Certainly not painting weather, so it's a lazy afternoon watching TV. Even Ben is chilling ..... he's fast asleep.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy At Aston Lock

Today we got up......all was quiet and just as we were ready to go.......boats everywhere and queues at the lock.  So we had a cuppa tea!   I decided to do the hoovering before we left, we then tagged on the end of the queue and I went down to give a hand at the lock. Time to have a chat with the other boaters as we worked them through the lock.

Ben and I had a walk and then it was back on the boat for a coffee before the next lock. Soon we were moored up near Weston and the swans came by for lunch. Eric took their picture. Narrowboat Hadar passed us by, I knew I recognised the boat as it was coming towards us with Keith and Jo on the back.

Eric did a bit of painting and tried sponge paintbrushes from the chandlers in Stone and is very pleased with the finish. Let's hope the rain stays away.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up The Locks To Stone And Back


On Monday we stayed put as bad weather was forecast and it was windy. I took Ben for a walk while Eric ran the engine to warm up the oil as he wanted to service the engine in the afternoon. We walked up to the village shop to post a card to my dad and get a daily paper. He did the service, the oil was really black, maybe as we used 'Fuelset' in the fuel for the first time when we last filled up. While  he was in the engine hole Eric checked the batteries and they were all OK.

Today we decided to do the three locks up to Stone and find a mooring below the 'Star Inn' Lock as we didn't plan to go any further. It was a case of no room on the Visitor Moorings so we used the winding hole below the lock and headed off to try and find somewhere to stop just to do a bit of shopping. We ended up mooring where only the front end of the boat was near the bank with the back end grounded away from the bank, but near enough to walk back to Stone to visit Morrisons for some fresh food. Shopping done we moved on to moor above Aston Lock where we were floating rather than listing to one side.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back On The Trent & Mersey Canal

Today we had to move as we needed to get some water and do the cassettes at Anglowelsh in Great Haywood. The wind is up but not like last night when we could have been at sea. Once the washing machine was started Ben and I walked on to see if there was room at the waterpoint and it was actually empty, so we moored up with a fight with the wind which had other ideas.We paid the £1 fee to use the Elsan as it's not a BW facility and pretty basic but needs must.

Eric wanted a change of scenery  so we decided to take a little jaunt up the Trent and Mersey Canal even though we need to be back in Great Haywood for the 3rd of June as NB Bendigedig is having a holiday in the marina, while we go visiting. The crew of NB Caxton  wondered if the new cream roof would cause problems with glare  but as we both have  'Reactolite' lenses in our spectacles anyway it was no problem. We  didn't go far stopping at Bridge 78 when a nice length of Armco was spotted just in time to watch the Spanish Grand Prix.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Cream Roof!

We haven't moved from our mooring on Tixall Wide unless you count the movement of the boat due to waves outside at the moment caused by the wind. Tixall Wide is usually a very windy place but for the last three days it has been kind to us and Eric has rollered three coats of paint on the roof starting with Prekote and then two coats of  Toplac Cream. He's glad it's done and he didn't get rained on!  He still has the blue to do, but it's not such a big job.

Ben and I have been out  walking in the mornings and yesterday we walked to Great Haywood and then followed a path through the wooded non-towpath side of the canal  before  getting milk and a paper and heading back to the boat.  Today we walked along the towpath up to the River Sow Aqueduct and back to the boat, we could have gone further but Ben's not keen on the noise as the Virgin Trains which run next to the towpath.

I had an appointment at 1 o'clock for a hair cut at Elms Hair Studio  in Great Haywood and the hairdresser got rid of six weeks growth. A good cut so I'll be going back when we are next In Great Haywood. It's a unisex salon with a barber too. I did some shopping in the Spar and then went to the Farm Shop to get some strawberries. They were gorgeous, juicy and sweet...... the best strawberries I've had for a very long time. Now I am going to watch Doctor Who, so goodbye for now.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Very Busy At Tixall Wide

Ben paddling in the Trent at Essex Bridge

Today we got up and off I went to walk the dog on a circular 4 mile route taking in Great Haywood, Shugborough and Milford before returning back along the towpath to the boat. On the way we had a stop by the River Trent near Essex Bridge where Ben had great fun paddling and running in the water after stones, which sank so he didn't get them.

While I was away Eric was busy on the roof of the boat tackling the rust spots, which were rubbed down and given a coat of 'Kurust'. In the afternoon he rollered the roof with evil smelling 'Prekote'. The roof is now dazzling white waiting for  it's top coat of cream, but first he has to re sand where the rusty spots were. I helped him with some small brush work once I'd finishing varnishing the front door and side hatch frames and the trims on work tops. So  we've had a very busy day, luckily faggots and peas were cooking in the oven so tea was nice and easy. Tixall Wide had plenty of room to moor this morning and now it's busy too, every  space is filled.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shopping In Stafford .... Peace In Tixall Wide

Eric going into Deptmore Lock
Today we left our mooring a bridge away from Deptmore Lock, yes I did need ear plugs due to the noise of the M6. We didn't have far to go as we were planning to stop at Radford Bank and take the bus into Stafford for a little retail therapy. Ben had his walk as Eric steered the boat. We didn't have long to wait for the bus and paid our fares as welsh passes are useless in England. Millets didn't have the waterproof coat Eric wanted , M&S didn't have the knickers I wanted in my size and then 'the olde sweet shoppe' didn't have any coconut macaroons.......what a day! I did manage to get a new pair of trainers although Eric didn't find any he liked in his size.

Back on the boat Ben was waiting for us so we caught a bus back to Radford Bank, once we found the bus stop. Stafford is peculiar in that there isn't a bus station. We waited for the rain to stop and then headed for Tixall Wide, I needed a nice quiet spot for a good nights sleep. The sun came out as we travelled!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Five Hours Cruising Today- Gailey To Deptmore Lock

The view from the side hatch, just canal and lots of greenery
A busy Tuesday with quite a few locks and did I struggle with some of the paddle gear, so problem solved with a new long throw aluminium windlass from Midland Chandlers. We had a list of things we wanted including replacing a few of the power hungry halogen wall lights with led's. The new improved store is good as you can find what you want, we got nearly all the things on the list  BUT Eric wanted a brass tunnel light and horn and they didn't have any....... as rare as hen's teeth .....as they don't  know when they will be able to source any more.

We had planned to moor at Penkridge but no room today on the town visitor moorings, that's why we ended up having a longer cruise . The M6 runs quite near the canal on this stretch and you can hear it's drone even when you can't see it, so mooring near Deptmore Lock means it's far enough away. If not It'll be ear plugs again tonight.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Grandaughter Gwenllian

I love this photo taken by her dad!

A Short Cruise To Gailey

Just the usual Gailey Lock photo!
Leaving our lovely spot near Moat House Bridge Eric cruised while I walked some of the way with Ben. At least today I was walking with the boat so I didn't have to walk back. We stopped at the waterpoint and filled up after the washing machine had done a load while we cruised. Rubbish got rid of as well as cassettes emptied, then down the lock to moor up on the visitor moorings where there was plenty of room. I think a lazy afternoon is planned......me I am just going to read my book.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back In Staffordshire- Near Moat House Bridge

On Saturday we decided to escape the runners pounding along the towpath above Bratch Locks and of course the bikers whizzing by and continue our journey planning to get past Autherley Junction. It was a mix of walking, cruising and working through six locks with quick stop at Limekiln Chandlers as we'd forgotten to buy a pot of Oxford Blue Toplac. We passed Aldersley Junction where the Wolverhampton 21 starts or finishes and we were soon passing Autherley Junction  with its fingerpost pointing to Chester on the Shropshire Union Canal and Great Haywood...our destination. We were lucky we didn't meet another boat in 'Pendeford Rockin', the old boatmen's name for the shallow , narrow cutting where the navvies cut through a solid belt of sandstone according to Pearson's Canal Companion. We passed the Fox & Anchor at Coven where the  drinkers shouted hello and finally moored up near Moat House Bridge, a nice quiet spot.

On Sunday we stayed put in the countryside. I decided to walk to the petrol station near Gailey on the A5 to get a Sunday paper and give Ben a walk. I was out for two and half hours so Ben had a really good walk we  and only met one bike and one runner, what a difference from the southern parts of the Staffs & Worcs Canal. Back on the boat I made a shepherd's pie for lunch while Ben waited for a bit of mince on top of his dinner. Eric had been busy sanding and treating rust spots so he can put red oxide on them later this afternoon. NB Bendigedig will be getting spotty as the roof needs the same treatment.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Short Cruise- From Swindon To Bratch Visitor Moorings

Frothy water in Bumblehole Lock

A very quiet night at Swindon, away from roads and railways so perfect peace. We didn't wake up until a boat went past about 9 am, so it wasn't an early start for us. Ben and I walked to Wombourne working the boat up the locks on the way. Eric always helps me, he doesn't  just stay on the boat and issue orders. We moored up at Wombourne to visit Sainsbury's which is conveniently near the canal to get some fresh stuff and get a big bag of dog food to keep Ben going. We had lunch before doing Bumblehole Lock where the water was frothy making NB Bendigedig look like it was having a bubble bath.  I walked up to ask the lock keeper at Bratch if it was OK to come up the locks and he came down to help. He's a great lock keeper, always chatty and he even brought me a wet wipe when I got oil on my hands. We moored up above the locks and then the rain came down!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

About Turn......Back To Swindon

Using the services above Greensforge Lock
This blog post went missing today! I don't remember exactly what I wrote but we decided to turn around below Kinver as we decided we didn't want to go as far as Stourport. We passed NB Caxton on our way back to Kinver Lock and shouted our goodbyes....no doubt we'll meet again. Quite a few locks today but we did have some luck as a couple of them were actually ready for us as a boat had just left the lock. We moored up opposite the cricket club at Swindon once again as Eric knows he can get a good satellite TV signal. No other boats moored on the visitor moorings....it's so quiet!

About Turn......Back To Swindon (Staffs & Worcs Canal)

Filling up with water at Greensforge Services
Today we decided to turn around and head back up the Staffs & Worcs Canal towards Swindon. Neither of us wanted to go to  Stourport-on-Severn as we had no plans to go on the river. We cruised downstream to the next winding hole and then came back through Kinver Lock. Ben and I had a two hour walk then it was back on the boat for bacon sandwiches. Several locks later we stopped after Greensforge Lock to use the services choosing the tap nearest the lock as it's the fastest, the other one takes forever. One more lock and we moored opposite the cricket club, last time we moored here there was a match even though it was the middle of the week.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Trip To Kinver

Relections on the Staffs & Worcs Canal

Today it was a mixture of walk the dog, working through the locks and enjoying cruising the very green Staffs and Worcs Canal. A few boats coming up from Stourport meant we had some full locks for a change. We arrived at Kinver Lock and watched as the man up a ladder at Wilson's of Kinver removed the letters of the sign from the side of the building.......oh no were they closed! We moored  below the lock and NB Caxton were already there.  We then went to Wilson's to find they were replacing the letters of the sign as they'd been damaged in the storm the other night. We ordered a cratch board and cover, which is why we came to Kinver.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dimmingsdale Lock To Swindon, Staffs & Worcs Canal

NB Bendigedig on the Staffs & Worcs Canal
Last night was a bad night for Ben the dog, I have never seen him shake so much with fear when we had a prolonged thunder and lightning storm. This morning we up and ready to go by 9.30am as we had several locks to do before we reached Bratch Locks. A took a photo of the circular weirs common on this canal.

A circular weir
NB Bendigedig above Bratch Locks
Lots of bikes on this canal so it was lead walking for Ben and I put him on the boat to work down Bratch Locks. We moored up at the top to go and have a look if anyone was coming up, but the lock keeper soon came and said we could go down. As usual the lock keeper  told me exactly what to do and worked one side whilst I did the other, it's sometimes confusing with red and blue paddles! I really need to get another aluminion long throw windlass as I'm finding the paddle gear hard going.

Going Down - in the middle lock
Every photo of Bratch has the toll house in it, so here's mine. One more lock to do called Bumblehole Lock  and we pulled in by Wombourne Bridge (43) to visit Sainsbury's to do a big food shop......nice and close for all the heavy stuff.  After lunch we  worked through Botterham Staircase Locks, Marsh Lock and Swindon Lock before mooring up opposite the cricket pitch at Swindon......no match today but a good spot for satellite TV.

Monday, May 09, 2011

On The Staffs & Worcester- Going South

Aldersley Junction looking up the Wolverhampton 21 Flight
Today we left our peaceful mooring and headed for Authersley Junction, as usual Ben and I walked a couple of miles before getting back on board to do the final stretch to the waterpoint. Topped up with water we went up a few inches through the stop lock at the bottom of the Shroppie, as the level of the Staffs & Worcester Canal is a few inches higher than the S.U.C. We turned right to head towards Stourport and it was great to hear the birds in this very green and rural canal. We passed Aldersley Junction where the Wolverhampton 21 flight is visible through the bridge hole. We are NOT going that way!
We went through Compton Lock and moored below and guess who was moored in front of us NB Caxton. We went to Lime Kiln Chandlers to get some cream paint for the boat roof.....Toplac is a good price at £17.30 and then to the 'Daisy'supermarket to get some fruit. We picked up a 'small' cod and chips on the way back to boat but next time we'll have just one small portion of chips as there were far too many for us. The crew of NB Caxton came back to their boat and we had a good chat while Lesley showed me over their lovely boat before they left ahead of us. We had a cuppa then carried on to find NB Caxton going down the next lock. Ben met their pair of black labs, Fletcher and Floyd and they were all OK together. A few locks later we finally stopped above Dimmingsdale Lock, and set up the satellite dish for a quiet evening once the rain stopped. 

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Moored Up- Bridge 8 On The Shroppie

Today(Sunday) we stayed put as Eric wanted to watch the Grand Prix. Although the weather forecast said rain  today it's stayed dry until 9 pm. We had a noisy Saturday night with very heavy rain,  I used ear plugs to shut out the noise of rain hammering on the roof. This morning Ben and I had a lovely long walk back to Brewood as he needed a walk and I needed a Sunday paper. The towpath was muddy in places but Ben washed his feet in the canal as he was having a drink. Back on the boat Eric had done the vacuum cleaning and the washing up! Later on I cooked a roast chicken dinner with rice pudding for afters.....very nice too, even Ben had some chicken, cabbage and carrots!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

We Must Be Mad- Cruising In The Rain- Wheaton Aston To Brewood

The church at Brewood, a view from the canal
Last night we had a thunder and lightening storm with lots of rain and Ben sought refuge on our bed! This morning is was still raining but we decided to move anyway........we must be mad! Ben and I walked in the rain and were rather soggy by the time we neared Brewood pronounced 'Brood' by the locals. Eric was soggy too as his favourite waterproof coat needs replacing! A brief stop at Brewood to get some shopping in the local Coop before we moved on to Bridge 8. We didn't stay at Brewood as there's no satellite TV reception because of trees and the Grand Prix is on tomorrow. We spotted NB Caxton  moored here too, Lesley and Joe shouted hello it's Bendigedig as  we passed them to moor up in a space further along.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Cruising- Norbury Junction To Wheaton Aston

This mornings pre-cruising engine check showed a frayed alternator belt so Eric's first job was to replace it before it went completely. We popped in Norbury Wharf to get a replacement we needed a 6PK1103 , they had 6PK1100 which is only 3mm difference so it should be OK as we have adjusters. So our cruise started a little later after a quick stop to top up the water tank, empty a cassette and get rid of the rubbish.

Although the day started quite overcast the sun came out in the afternoon. We enjoy this section of the Shroppie with  views of 'The Wrekin' (google it) and no locks today. There's a long pound between Tyrley Locks and the next lock at Wheaton Aston. Ben and I had an afternoon walk for a change walking from Norbury Junction to Gnosall with the boat, it was lovely as we had the towpath to ourselves. We pulled in at Turners  to top up with fuel before backing up to an available mooring space. Eric put a second coat on the cream front doors, so now we're just waiting for them to dry.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Cruising-Tyrley Locks To Norbury Junction

Tyrley Cutting leading to Tyrley Locks

Today we left Market Drayton and headed to Tyrley Locks, as usual Ben and I had our morning walk. The water levels were low so the fierce weirs were much calmer than usual but we had to empty every lock as all the traffic was going up until we got to the top lock where a boat was coming down. The waterpoint at Tyrley is still out of action......I wonder when it will work!

'Men At Work' at Woodseaves Cutting ( waiting for us to pass by)

Time to get back on the boat before we walked in the mud and puddles that form the towpath of Woodseaves Cutting. There were 'men at work'  busy clearing the rock fall that partially blocked the canal, they had plenty to do when we'd passed by........they posed for the photo!

Ben and I had another walk later on the long stretch near the Sheddon Embankment, the location of last year's breach but we got back on the boat rather than walk Grub Street Cutting  which is usually very muddy. We finally moored up after five hours cruising- a long day for us. Plenty of places to moor too at Norbury Junction.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Moving On- To Market Drayton

There's room at Market Drayton too!

After a very quiet night at Cox Bank we decided to move on to Market Drayton which meant going up the last two locks to the top of the Audlem Flight. Ben and I walked while Eric steered the long straight stretches of the Shropshire Union Canal hampered by the wind. We arrived at the bottom of the Adderley 5 locks and today we were in luck at every lock had a boat coming down so we changed places in the pounds.

At the top lock is Adderley Wharf Farm Shop and there used to be just new laid eggs and delicious cakes but they now sell lamb, pork, bacon, bread, eggs and sausages. I was disappointed there were no Victoria Sponges but we had some cup cakes and some pork and leek sausages. Alison said to ring the day before we do the Adderley Flight and she'll make us a sponge specially. The sausages were delicious and I'm looking forward to that cake. An orphan lamb was following Alison around as she'd bottle fed it, he's destined to a job of keeping the grass short rather than the dinner table.

The Old WW2 Pillbox next to the canal at Bridge 62
Ben and I had a ride for the last few miles to Market Drayton and we passed NB Celtic Kiwi with a couple from Melbourne on board who tell me they read my blog........so hello again to you! We stopped for water, rubbish and cassettes before going through bridge 62 to find room on the visitor moorings. We'd actually chosen a good day to visit Market Drayton as it was market day. We were heading for Homebase as we needed some 'Kurust' to sort out the rust spots on the roof of the boat before it gets painted cream to reflect the heat. We were glad to be back on the boat and relaxing for the rest of the afternoon, and Ben was pleased to see us too.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Locks And More Locks- Going Up The Audlem Flight

Going Up....... Audlem Flight of Locks
Eric's being a 'Grumpy Old Man' today, first of all he lost a fender in the cut  (heavy rubber kind), then  the moored boat in front decided to get water just as we were going to fill up and then he soaked himself with clean water doing the cassettes......it could have been worse. Later going up the Audlem flight the overflow of water across the front of one of the locks caused him to crash......cupboards open, sugar everywhere, no breakages but everything balancing on the edges by the shelves.....soon put right though.

It's been another beautiful sunny day and the washing drying outside in the breeze.  We passed NB Armadillo moored up at Audlem and I stopped to say hello to Jill and Graham onboard while Eric moored the boat up for the lock.  We did meet a few boats coming down and we swapped places in the pounds but the majority of locks had to be emptied before we could use them.  We decided to moor up at Cox Bank near the top of the Audlem Flight  and relax for the rest of the afternoon........smiles all round.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Rag Rugging , Cruising And Walking To Audlem

My rag rug
We started off the new month of May with a cruise to Coole Pilate Picnic Area where benches and barbecue stands have been provided by the Shropshire Union Canal Society. I walked with Ben the dog once we'd left Nantwich behind with dogs and bikes galore. There was little  boat traffic going towards Audlem so no queues going up Hack Green Locks although there were queues of boats waiting to come down the locks.  Plenty of room at Coole Pilate so we stopped  and it steadily filled up during the afternoon.

A quiet place to spend the night and in the morning we headed towards Audlem. Some stretches of the towpath have been improved with a rough stony surface but it's easier to walk on the grassed paths. Ben and I enjoyed our walk passing Overwater Marina on the way to Audlem. At Lock 15 (the bottom of the Audlem flight of locks) I bought some very large eggs from the bloke who sells sausages and other meat from a hut. He was very chatty and helped us through the lock. One more lock and there was actually room on the Visitor Moorings- it's so quiet .....this evening there's only three boats here and one on the moorings alongside 'The Shroppie Fly'. Being a Bank Holiday the crowds were out walking the towpaths and filling up the pub but once teatime came it's all peaceful once again.

I'm been busy rag rugging since Liz (NB Henry) started me off with the hessian. the ragging tool, a bag of old tea shirts to cut up. She also showed me how to do it! I finished it today with some binding tape from Audlem Mill, so the picture is for you Liz.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Short Cruise - Moored On Nantwich Embankment

We were up early on Saturday morning by the bang of the boat as it crashed against the Shroppie shelf- an underwater ledge which causes problems when mooring up. We planned to move so it didn't really matter, it just meant we'd be ready to go nice and early. Alan and Eiddwen on NB Shush were up early too and they said their goodbyes as they headed north as we're going south. Perhaps we'll meet again on our travels.

I walked into Nantwich with Ben the dog and Eric steered the boat, bikes about already so it was a lead walk for Ben. We had to wait to use the water point before the moorings so I popped to Nantwich Canal Centre and managed to get the spare alternator belt we needed as well as some undercoat. We filled up and as if by magic three spaces appeared on the embankment moorings, we were just in time  as by twelve o'clock it was full once again. Eric walked back to the chandlers to get some Beta filters and some 'Fuel Set' to avoid any diesel problems.

We opened all the windows and closed some of the curtains to keep Ben cool while we went shopping in Nantwich. It was busy with a market but we enjoyed the hustle and bustle for a change. A local butcher was cooking burgers and onions on a huge barbecue outside his shop- the smell was enough to tempt us and they were delicious. We nearly passed a barber's but Eric decided on a haircut before we went to Morrison's for some food shopping. We walked back to the boat and decided to stay put for the rest of the day. This is one of the places where the boat doesn't bang every time a boat goes past a bit quick!