Monday, April 11, 2011

Watery Places - Ellesmere

Blakemere next to the Llangollen Canal
The junction with the Ellesmere Arm
The Mere at Ellesmere

On Sunday Eric returned from his travels to Newport and we needed to use the services at Ellesmere so first of all we had to head through Ellesmere Tunnel and past Blakemere to the turning circle.There are seven meres (lakes) arround Ellesmere formed in hollows created by glaciers and Colemere is the biggest but the camera battery died so I didn't get a photograph. The Mere is next to the town and a favourite spot for visitors with its promenade it feels like walking along the sea front. There's also a woodland path which the dogs love leading to the footpath to Welshampton.The weather has been amazing so we had decided on an evening cruise. The water taps are unbelievably slow at the BW services so we did the other jobs, made a cup of tea and chatted to the boaters as they cruised by. Moored opposite the waterpoint was the lovely new hire boat from Anglowelsh at Trevor with two showers according to the hirers but they were more concerned that the boat was too long to control, I'm sure they'll get the hang of it in the end.Finally full up and ready to go we cruised as far as Frankton Junction and had a quiet night. No boater's arriving late at night to disturb the peace!


Neil said...

Hi Elsie. I read your blog regularly as I am based on the Llangollen. I noted your comment about boats arriving back late, and wanted to say that I arrived back at Blackwater Marina in Ellesmere (my home mooring) after dark on Friday and remember passing you. The reason for our late night return to Ellesmere was that out boat was broken into and ransacked earlier in the day while moored up at Whitchurch. The police insisted we return the boat to Ellesmere where it could be checked by the Scenes of Crime team, not to mention the door being in pieces so totally insecure. Just so you know, there is often a very good reason for travelling after dark, on this occasion a reason we would very much liked to have avoided!

Elsie said...

Hi Neil,

People travelling after dark no problem. The problem was noisy boaters shouting as they moored up bow to bow with me in the dark.Ben started barking and they shouted even more!Then their noise continued for hours. Sorry to hear about your breakin.

Neil said...

Me, paranoid?! Haha, thanks Elsie. It IS difficult to find real peace and quit on the Llangollen from now on really, its such a haven for hireboats. Down on the Monty seems a good spot though, as the hirers are generally too scared of locking down there.

Love your blog by the way :)