Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moving On To Wrenbury

Today we left the mooring below Grindley Brook and headed towards Wrenbury, Ben and I walked while Eric steered the boat. Lots of boats on the move helped with the locks as we could leave the bottom gates open for the approaching boat. A lovely day for boating with the sun shining and when we moored up out came the rotary line to dry the washing which had been in the washing machine as we cruised.

We had planned to get some filters for our Beta engine at the chandlers at Wrenbury as they sell Beta spares but as usual the best plans go was shut until Friday. So we popped in the Corn Mill for a pint and a half  then went to Wrenbury Village Store for some bread and milk before going back to the boat.

We enjoyed a lazy afternoon although I did make a Victoria sponge which we had to taste of course. After tea Eric washed the neglected side of the boat as we rarely seem to stop with the right side next to the towpath. It's clean for now but it doesn't stay clean long!

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