Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moored At Whixall Moss

Moored near Whixall Moss
It's Easter! Happy Easter everyone. We're sitting on a mooring next to Whixall Moss, the canal is four boats wide here so the boats are whizzing past so hopefully we would be safe from being hit! I  blogged too soon it's 9am and we've just been hit by a 'yellow peril' from Viking Afloat at Whitchurch! Eric was woken up by the bang. Once the evening comes it's been peaceful here but during the day it's manic.

Yesterday Ben and I went walking on a trail in Whixall Moss, part of Fenn's,Whixall & Bettisfield Mosses which is a National Nature Reserve. The Reserve straddles the English/Welsh border near Whitchurch.  At the canal side there are leaflet boxes with information and walking routes  trailing across the Mosses and we walked the purple trail a 2.25 mile circular route including a walk along the route of the old narrow-gauge railway and part of the Llangollen Canal. The trails are well marked with numbered posts and sculpture plaques but you need to keep to the routes as  'the Mosses are riddled with deep, flooded and partly vegetated ditches' according to the leaflet.

Eric has been busy with the never ending list of boaty jobs starting with scraping the non-slip sand paper covering off the front deck as the rust had got underneath it. Now it's primed and painted awaiting a second coat today. The loss of the non-slip is no problem as it's covered by rubber mats anyway. Next job will be painting the boat roof cream, to hopefully keep the boat cooler inside, although it'll be harder to keep clean as it's a non-slip finish too.

We're staying put today with the fenders down! Hopefully we won't get hit again. We enjoy the peace and quiet of the canals but no hope on  Bank Holidays. 

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Myrtle's missus said...

I am just reading LTC Rolt's account of trying to take the 'Cressy' through from Autherley Junction to try to cross Pont Cysyllte some time after the canal had been abandoned after the Second World War. He mentions Whixall Moss so I googled it and found your blog which I am going to read with great interest to compare your progress with his! You probably know his book, but, in case you don't the account is in a little book published by Penguin in English Journeys series called 'The Clouded Mirror'.
I live on a permanently moored houseboat on the Adur Estuary .. A very different way of life to yours, but one which also has its great attractions!