Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad (84 Years Young)

My dad, daughter Sally and sister in law Eleanor

On Saturday I  returned to the boat after a few days in sunny Newport, a change from rainy Newport. It was a busy few days, first of all I met some friends for lunch and had a good catch up chat as we hadn't seen each other for a while. Next a trip to the dentist for a repair job until my next checkup after which some of my old fillings will have crowns fitted. Finally down to stay at my dad's house. I must have been really tired because I slept from 10 pm to 9 am the next day.......the best sleep I've had for ages...... I usually hear the clock strike each hour!

My dad had loads of cards  and we all went out for a meal in the evening at 'The Blackbirds' at Pentre Lane, Llantarnum  after the local Harvester couldn't cater for 13 sitting together. I would highly recommend  it too as the food was beautiful, excellent service and nice next year's birthday meal has it's venue planned. Gwenllian is my dad's great granddaughter so she came too and was really good since it was way past her bedtime before we all headed home. She had an early Easter rabbit and demolished his ears instead of having a pudding!

The journey back  was two and a quarter hours via Arriva trains,  but there was no coffee or sandwiches as there was no trolley even though the train was going from Cardiff to Holyhead. I was glad to get back on the boat for that cuppa.


artymess said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad ....what a wonderful family time.....we went on Arriva trains from Ammanford to Shrewsbury it was a great journey ..have a great week ...we have just got back from Wales ourselves ..I have posted on my blog if you'd like to visit ..x

Elsie said...

Hi Lorna,

Had a read of your blog...I didn't know you blogged....I'll add youn to my blog list.