Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Going Down....... Grindley Brook

Going down Grindley Brook
We spent part of Easter Monday cruising from Whixall to moor above Grindley Brook locks. The number of boats on the move has lessened but we were hit once again by a boat deciding to reverse back to around at Prees  Junction before we left Whixall Moss. Eric said more painting as he scraped the red and cream  tunnel bands!

Ben and I had a lovely walk doing those lift bridges on the way. I found them hard going after my winter rest. The lift bridge at Whitchurch wasn't as difficult as usual as it needed far fewer rotations to raise and lower it- a local told me it'd been repaired. We stopped above the locks overnight and went down Tuesday afternoon, of course we were the fourth boat and the lockie operates a three down, three up system so we had to wait. I am out of practise locking so I was shattered when we got to the bottom. A lunch stop turned into  let's stay here until tomorrow.

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