Monday, April 11, 2011

Cruising - Frankton To New Marton

Harry from New Marton with Max the Rocky Eagle Owl

It feels cold today after the lovely sunny weather we've had the last few days. I set off walking with Ben to Maestermyn alongside the boat, although Ben wasn't sure he wanted to leave the security of the boat and had to be coaxed to come with me. We stopped at the boatyard to order batteries as ours are definately on their last legs. We decided to have ordinary wet lead acid batteries but have bigger ones as 135's have the same footprint as 110's so will fit the battery box.

Back on the boat for a cuppa and then another short walk from Jack Mytton's to the locks at New Marton. As usual it was blowing a gale and we finally moored up and made use of the wind to dry the washing on the rotary line.

Most people  take their dog for a walk but Harry from New Marton takes his Rocky Eagle Owl called Max for a walk sitting on his arm. Jen and Jimm from NB Dire Straits stopped to admire him. Apparently he's just one of his collection of birds of prey.

We also saw out first ducklings but too far away to get a decent picture. talking of firsts yesterday we had our first visiting wasp and he was huge! Eric caught him in a glass and put him back outside.

As I write this the rain is lashing down......April showers again.

NB Bendigedig approaching New Marton moorings

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