Sunday, April 03, 2011

Frankton Junction To Ellesmere......April Showers!

Last night we had a meal on NB Henry, Liz made a lovely fish pie and I did the pudding- golden syrup sponge and custard followed by some wine and a few beers and lots of chat. This morning I had some Happy Mother's day phonecalls so we didn't set off until after eleven thirty. We didn't have far to go and we were hoping the rain had finished..... no we didn't have hangovers! NB Henry set off first with Eric following on NB Bendigedig matching his speed to our walking pace. Liz and I walked with Ben and Connie but we got caught in the April showers on the way to Ellesmere, so we got rather wet! I should have listened to Eric and worn my waterproof trousers.

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