Monday, March 21, 2011

Walking- Froncysyllte To Llangollen

Llangollen and Llantisilio Mountains

On Saturday Liz and I arranged our Sunday long walk with the dogs and decided on a 9.30am start so we'd get back at lunch time. I woke on Sunday morning to the sound of rain on the roof but it was gone by the time we left Llangollen Wharf. Nick kindly gave us a lift to Fronsycyllte which is across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct from Trevor Basin, and took us to the top of the first steep climb leading up Methodist Hill which saved our energy for the later climb through Pen-y-coed Wood back to Llangollen. We followed the same route as our walk (Blogged March 8th) but this time we didn't need to refer to the book, we knew which way to go. It took us about three hours to complete the walk and we knew we'd walked miles!

We met a pair of off road dirt bikers but no problem as we heard them coming and they did slow down unlike the speedy cyclist I met on the towpath on Saturday. Basically the new towpath surface means the cyclist can go a lot faster and this one didn't slow down or ring a bell he just appeared behind me. Good job barking Ben was on a lead otherwise he would have chased those wheels! The abrupt stop by the cyclist made his back wheel lose contact with the path and I had comments about my nasty dog who shouldn't be allowed on towpaths if he doesn't like bikes! I didn't bother to tell him I paid a considerable amount of money for a boat licence to use the canal and did he even have a permit to use the towpaths and couldn't he afford to buy a bell? As he continued on his way cursing me, he failed to dismount at the sign before the moored boats and my husband shouted ' someone else who can't read' as he sped past him as he filled the water tank. In fact only one couple walked their bikes past the boats on Sunday afternoon, the others chose to ignore the sign!

Back on the boat in time for lunch and I did some baking after that ....sausage rolls and 'ice squares' (custard slices) .... Eric was pleased!

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