Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Walk Before Sunday Lunch!

Velvet Hill (Feb 2010)

Another view of Castell Dinas Bran

The steam train near Berwyn Station

Berwyn Station and the steam train

A view of Valle Crucis Abbey from Velvet Hill

This morning was cold but the dogs were raring to go so Liz and I set off towards Berwyn and the Horseshoe Falls. We hadn't made plans for a route so we decided to leave the canal towpath across the footbridge before the Chain Bridge Hotel and follow the footpath signs up Velvet Hill, which is one of the attractions on the Llangollen History Trail. It was a route I hadn't taken before and as we climbed up it was really cold on your face and ears. The dogs were really enjoying the space and Connie was running circles in the bracken. Velvet hill gets it's name from the soft texture of the closely cropped mosses and grasses which were pleasant to walk on as it was springy underfoot. From the hill you could see lovely views of Dinas Bran, Berwyn and Valle Crucis Abbey and eventually we made our way down to meet the footpath which skirts the hill and followed it back to the car park. Back down the road to the canal towpath and then back to the boats. We'd been walking for two and half hours so we were more than ready for lunch at 'The Bridge Hotel' once the dogs were back on their boats. Eric came too but Nick was busy hedge laying on the Montgomery Canal.

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