Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wash Day On NB Bendigedig

Ben keeping watch

Yesterday was a busy one as I decided to wash and dry all the curtains on the boat. While each load was washing and drying I cleaned the brass poles and took off the curtains rings for a wash too. As each load dried they were ironed and put back up so by bedtime all the curtains were back on the windows. It must be spring cleaning even though it was a misty cold day.

Eric was busy too as in the extreme cold weather while we were in Ellesmere, the wooden panels had partly come away from the metal back doors. They needed resticking with no nails and clamped until it dried. Nick kindly lent us the clamps. It was a bit drafty as we couldn't shut the back doors until the clamps came off.

Today Eric's been in the engine hole topping up the batteries and later he gave the engine a run for an hour. It started first time but was a bit spluttery but soon got going. We must remember to run it in a few weeks rather than leave it a month. It's all serviced ready for cruising in April and not being used to generate electricity because we have shore power.

Ben and I went out walking towards Sun Trevor in mud, mud and more sticky mud. Contractors have just begun making a grit path from Llangollen Wharf to the first bridge so when it's furnished it'll be a gritty walk rather than a muddy one. Let's hope they continue all the way to Trevor as several sections are extremely wet and muddy. The mist is down so you can't see the hills today. Lots of sheep in the fields running alongside the canal but no new lambs yet.

Half term has begun, Thomas the Tank Engine is tooting in Llangollen Station and there are children everywhere. The walkers, dogs and bikes are passing the boat giving Ben something to bark at. The trip boat across the Poncysyllte Aqueduct is running this week and a few hireboats have passed by. The town is busy too and the fudge and icecream shop is open again.....rum and raisin icecream is calling me... but it's too cold today.

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