Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunny Saturday Followed By Rainy Sunday

Saturday was a lovely day here in Llangollen. Lots of people out enjoying the mild weather so Ben and I went for a walk up the field to play ball. At least there we wouldn't meet any cyclists! A few dogs and owners came walking through the field but Ben had only one thing in mind... his ball. A large black labrador came through but it's owner said he always spoils for a fight so he had to keep him on a lead. Ben had his usual dip in the canal before going back to the boat. Ben stayed on the boat while Eric and I then went into Llangollen to get some fruit, bread and milk. Eric got a few bags of logs from Watkins & Williams only £2.50 a bag and they burn well.

Later in the day Liz and I took the dogs for a short walk partway up Dinas Bran, then following a footpath ending in a field of sheep and back down the road to the canal. The sun has brought the walkers up there too. As usual I needed stops to get my breath and look at the scenery! Connie wasn't happy on the final stretch, but it turned out to be salty grit between her pads rather than her bandaged leg.

Sunday has just been wet all day, some heavy showers interspersed with lighter showers. Eric and I donned the wet gear to take Ben to play ball in the field. Nobody about today and lots of huge puddles on the towpath which Eric was enjoying like a kid in his wellies. Ben enjoyed his run although he was very wet by the time we got back to the boat from the rain and his dips in the canal.

Later in the day he had another outing with Liz and Connie but he wasn't on his best behaviour and he nipped Connie's ear. She's OK but they gave each other a wide berth for the rest of the walk. Usually they play fight and Ben's fine perhaps he was just having a bad day.

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