Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Splashing Time (Not In The Canal)

What's been happening today? First thing this morning Connie managed to open up her wound again so it's back to the vets again tomorrow, until then she's all bandaged up. Meanwhile Ben and I have been up the field playing ball while Eric waited for the coal delivery to the wharf. The boaters all had a chat while they waited with their trolleys to ferry the bags of coal along the wharf to the boats as the coal man delivers to the top of the steps by the B &B called 'Ty Cwmlas'.

Liz and I have been swimming at Plas Madoc Leisure Centre this afternoon, which was a nice change although my legs felt like lead as I got out of the pool. I don't do any fancy strokes but I managed to swim across the widest point in a sort of doggy paddle. I've never been a strong swimmer but I get there in the end. It's a lovely pool and today there were quite a few mums and dads with their babies and small children but there was still plenty of room to swim. I enjoyed my swim and the wave machine was good fun too. Back on the boat tea is cooking and I feeling hungry and rather tired.

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