Monday, February 07, 2011

Just Some Thoughts From Rainy Newport

I am sat here thinking about NB Bendigedig moored at Llangollen tucked in between NB Henry and NB Spadger and wondering if the horrendous weather has eased off. Liz and Nick (NB Henry) have been keeping a watchful eye and telling us of trees down further along the canal, but NB Bendy is safe. They even sent me a picture showing the Horseshoe Falls on the River Dee and it had vanished with the torrent of water flowing down the Dee. The message said 'Who pinched the Horseshoe Falls?'

Here in Newport, staying at my daughter Clare's house on top of a hill, it has been very windy but there are no trees to fall near the house. Newport was brought to a standstill on Friday by large sections of roofing blown off the new university building and littering the nearby roads. I was out walking with Ben the dog in the nearby woods so a few branches brought down by the gales didn't really bother us, just something else to sniff and wee on thought Ben the dog.

I've rediscovered some places vaguely familiar from my childhood in Newport, walking through Allt-yr-yn Nature Reserve which runs alongside the Canal. We used to swim in the open air lido which must be there somewhere in the woods but I haven't found it yet. There's lots of walks so we'll be exploring again later today. As children many happy times were spent near the 'Mon and Brec' Canal at Fourteen Locks as it was often the place we went for bike rides. Little did I know that my future husband spent many happy hours jumping across lock chambers, walking across the pair of sleeper like planks which used to bridge the lock chambers and lying alongside the canal ticking trout with his dad. It strange that we never met!

We've been looking at the canal history on the Fourteen Locks website and one of the photos was a familiar scene to Eric who remembered seeing the wreck on an old boat in the canal. It's been really interesting watching the video clips on the site although they were slow to load even on a 3G connection which meant the speech loaded a sentence at a time. Nevertheless the photographs were worth the wait. So we've been reminiscing as 'old folk' do, perhaps it was our childhood attraction to canals that steered us towards a life afloat.

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