Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Buses, Trains, Lifts & Taxis

Ben the dog has had a very strange day. It began quite normally with a walk up to the field by the mooring basin to play ball. But after that it was a bus from Llangollen to Ruabon to catch the train to Newport. He got on the bus quite happily and the bus driver didn't even charge us the 50p fare.

Arriving at the train station we waited for the train listening to the absurd announcements in Welsh and English telling us no smoking and not to leave luggage unattended as it would be removed by station staff- but it's an unmanned station so there aren't any staff. The train arrived and Ben got on and we found seats with a table which he could lie underneath. Ben behaved himself all the way to Newport which was two and a quarter hours. He ventured out to meet any passengers who wanted to make a fuss of him though.

At Newport Station he had a new experience as we used the lifts because there are so many flights of stairs since the modernisation of the station. Finally we got a taxi to our daughter Clare's house, when we found one who agreed to take a dog. He gave us his business card so we could ring him for our taxi journey back to the station later in the week. So Ben the dog now has Clare to play ball with him! A very different day from yesterday when we were enjoying the countryside.

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