Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Visit To Llangollen

Chirk Aqueduct

Reflections of Chirk Tunnel

A first glimpse of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

A view of Dinas Bran from Sun Trevor
Look whose still at Llangollen- Mr Mandarin Duck

Today we left Poacher's Pocket and cruised across Chirk aqueduct and through Chirk Tunnel and as usual the boat went crab like through the tunnel. For some reason we never seem to go straight. It's been bitterly cold but it was great to see our first glimpse of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct as I walked along part of the Offa's Dyke footpath which is the towpath on the canal with Ben the dog. I raised the lift bridge at Fron to let NB Bendy through and then lowered it again before getting back on the boat to cross the aqueduct, as I've said before I don't like heights so I didn't fancy walking across.

We broke ice to get between the Anglowelsh hire boats as far as the diesel pump but none was for sale until the new low sulphur diesel is delivered. They did sell us some oil as Eric needs to do an oil change. Eric reversed back to the junction but we had to wait to go through the bridge to Llangollen as some workmen were putting up bridge numbers from a floating pontoon. Ten minutes later we were on the final stretch to Llangollen. Not the easiest section as it's particularly shallow and the bottom of the boat scraped through some of the bridge holes. Ben and I walked from Sun Trevor through the mud and soon we could see Nick coming towards us with Connie. Liz had phoned earlier to invite us to dinner when we got to Llangollen so she was busy on the boat cooking. We moored up with the help of Nick and soon we were enjoying a lovely roast dinner and Eric began to thaw- he'd got very cold steering the boat.


artymess said...

Great photos Elsie ....wish I was there instead of lesson planning for tomorrow !!!....Lorna x

anne said...

glad to see that you are safely moored where you wished to be.Ben will enjoy rediscovering the walks ...anne