Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NB Henry's On The Move

Nick steering NB Henry

On Tuesday Ben and I walked the narrows between Llangollen and Sun Trevor with Liz and Connie, ahead of NB Henry supposedly to make sure the way was clear. We met two boats, the first between the the narrow scection before the lift bridge so that was OK. Due to a lack of communication NB Henry met NB Inkie and I at the sharp bend which is the beginning of the next narrow section but with some reversing by NB Henry there was no problem. Connie wasn't hampered by her plastic bag covered foot and enjoyed a run with Ben- I hope she didn't pay for it later. We said our goodbyes as Liz and Connie got back onboard before the Sun Trevor muddy towpath section and Ben and I headed back to Llangollen. It had been a lovely walk but it was feeling colder.

Back on the boat Eric had been very busy giving the carpet a good vacuum, the boat gets incredibly hairy with Ben the dog onboard. The dishes were done and the water tank was being filled so I could get some washing done while we still had shoreline. The rest of the day was occupied by us relaxing, watching TV, surfing the net and reading a book, although Ben was kept busy barking at the dogs who dared to walk past his boat.

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