Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Decision Made- We're Moving Tomorrow!

We've been waiting and waiting for the thaw to clear ice at the junction with the Ellesmere Arm which is fairly thick, although a few boats have managed to ice break to get to the water point. Today a boat came through from Tetchill so we know we can get through that way. Tomorrow we're going for water and coal and we hope we can turn around. If not it's going to be a lot of reversing to get to the winding hole so we can turn around and narrowboats don't go backwards very easily.
Looking at the weather forecast it's wet, wet and wet but it's move now before the next cold snap. Liz and Nick (NB Henry) and Connie the dog came visiting this afternoon, it was great to see them although Ben was a bit of a pain with Connie and she's so good. They had driven along the route of the canal and checked for ice at various points including New Marton Locks and tell us the route is clear once we're past Frankton Junction, so it's time to leave our spot in Ellesmere for different views. Let's hope we have lots of rain tonight to thaw that junction but it's Llangollen here we come even if the first part of our journey is backwards!


anne said...

good luck.....I just love to follow your blog anne

Elsie said...

Hi Anne, it's good to be moving up to Llangollen- even in the rain!

Ann/Kev said...

Glad to hear someone at last is on the move. I am waiting to move from warwick back to crick but there are stoppages at Braunston on 10th jan.would be happy to get to napton junction. Well done!
Ann & Kev 4EverMoore

Elsie said...

Hi Ann & Kev, I've just been looking at Ubique's blog and she says we've escaped! Once we turned around there's been no ice to break so we're ok. Hope you get moving soon- it's a pain when you want to be somewhere else.