Sunday, January 02, 2011

An Adventure- Ice Breaking To The Waterpoint

We watched NB Inkie and I make a break for it doing a little ice breaking to get to the waterpoint and decided to tackle the short stretch of ice between our two boats and fill up our water tank too as soon as Ron returned to his mooring. He did an excellent job of icebreaking by the waterpoint but was unable to get through a thick sheet of ice which would help NB Shush get free too. Ron reversed back and we did our ice breaking but we had a short wait as another boat with Janet and David had beaten us to it. They reversed past us freeing up the waterpoint and while we filled up Eric went for some fuel and gas. Our turn to reverse back to our mooring very slowly using the boat poles to help steer. Chores done time for a Sunday roast which had been cooking in the oven- yum yum roast pork with crackling!


artymess said...

Keep warm Elsie...Happy New Year ...x

Elsie said...

Hi, We're OK. I have some elegant thermals on, great for keeping warm!