Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're Floating!

The good news-this morning most of the ice has gone and we're floating again, but the bad news is more bad weather is forecast for this weekend so we're staying put. We certainly don't want to be stuck somewhere miles away from water, food, coal, diesel and elsan facilities. We have arranged our Boat Safety Inspection for next Monday so fingers crossed after that we'll be off to Llangollen. Lots of ifs involved here- if the stoppage is finished, if we can get there as we'd heard the ice is thick along the section from Llangollen to Trevor where the feed from Horseshoe Falls was turned off. The water has been pumped from the River Dee near Trevor to keep the canal in water and feed the reservoir at Hurleston. We're just in limbo at the moment with nothing much happening to make an interesting blog so apologies for boring you.

Today it's cold again so it's a case of wrap up warm and take Ben for his walk, after that who knows what the day brings. Perhaps we'll move the boat to fill up with water rather than filling containers!
Update: Bendy had a short cruise today as we went to the waterpoint and then reversed back to our mooring with some difficulty as we moored around a corner past lots of moored boats. As the waterpoint is slow and the tank was very low, Eric went to get two cans of diesel while we filled up the water as it wasn't quite so far to walk.

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