Friday, December 17, 2010

Snowy Ellesmere

More snow!

Yesterday I came back after a visit to Newport delivering Christmas presents as it doesn't look as though we'll be able to get there for Christmas. It was also a dreaded dentist visit as I needed fillings! I was glad I came back on Thursday afternoon as the weather steadily got worse as we travelled further north. The train got colder and the snow began to fall. In Shrewsbury the snow was falling as I waited for the bus to Ellesmere and in Ellesmere there was a covering of snow when I arrived. The paths were icy so it was a slow and careful walk back to the boat in the dark. I did have a torch but it was getting dimmer and finally died as I got to the boat.

In Newport I bought a fold up Christmas tree which works on the same principle as those spiral wired laundry baskets- mainly because it fitted in my suitcase once I'd got rid of the packaging. It's a good idea for the boat as it doesn't take up much room when storing it for next year. So NB Bendy looks a little bit Chrismassy!

An email from BW tells us the canal will not reopen until the morning of December 22nd but with a four mile stretch of ice from Trevor to Llangollen nobody is going anywhere. So we'll have Christmas in Ellesmere unless there's a considerable thaw. Nick and Liz on NB Henry are on ice watch!

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