Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lots More Snowy In Snowy Ellesmere

Ben in the snow

Overnight Tuesday we had about five inches of snow and it's still snowing so walking the dog was going to be fun. The good thing is that it feels a bit warmer. Ben waited patiently while I got up and off we went for our walk along the towpath towards Tetchill and the snow stopped. It was lovely to be out in soft, white snow with the sun making the snow glitter in the sunshine. Going was slow for me but Ben was enjoying running in the snow.

Back on the boat Eric had been to get two cans of diesel and now the tank is full at last. The crew of NB Ubique which is moored opposite the water point had managed to get a hose over to the tap and with the hoses joined together the boats nearby were getting full tanks of water. We lent them our hose as one of the boater's hoses was frozen and then we took down some containers and did four trips and added 200 litres to our tank as we are too far away to connect hoses. We can see water so we'll be OK for a while. It was two o'clock before we finally sat down so we decided to get the coal tomorrow!

Countdown: It's only three sleeps to Christmas Day! (not counting afternoon naps!)

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