Saturday, December 04, 2010

Icy Days And Nights!

A View From NB Bendigedig at Ellesmere

Nothing much happening here in Ellesmere except loads of boats going nowhere. For some reason the boat in front has a bit of clear water but we're iced in and the boat creaks and groans when we move on the boat. Yesterday morning Eric went to Blackwater Meadow Marina to get a can of diesel and the bloke there said it was -10 when he started work, now it's -2 degrees C. No problems getting 100% as we can't go anywhere unless you want to icebreak. We're on water saving and using as little water as we can and filling containers to top up the water tank. Our batteries don't like the cold and are low in the mornings so we can't use our Mikuni heater until the engine's running to give the batteries the necessary boost need for ignition to happen. Today it's coal we need so it's off to Blackwater. Life is so much easier when you can cruise, it's hard when you have to wheel water, diesel and coal to the boat.

Nick and Liz (NB Henry) visited Llangollen by car and tell me the water level is down about a foot with very thick ice on the canal- it has footprints on and they're not ducks! it- big human prints. Looking at the weather forecast it'll be ice for a while.

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