Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December's Here- A Little Snowy Weather In Ellesmere

What can I smell?

We're not going anywhere at present by boat anyway. The canal is still frozen! We needed water so we collected some in 25 litre containers and wheeled it back to the boat. Luckily one tap at the BW was leaky so we were able to fill them up as the tap hadn't frozen.

Coal is running low but Blackwater Meadow Marina has some so Eric went to get a bag and wheeled it back. They were expecting deliveries today and tomorrow to keep all the boaters nice and warm while we're iced in. Those on winter moorings on the Ellesmere Arm are well and truly iced in so they can't move to use the BW services either.

The boat seems a good bit warmer with the Ecofan working away on the stove so we're pleased we finally got one. It's whizzing around as I write and we haven't got the extra heat at ceiling height anymore. The bedroom end is also warmer but we've also blocked the gaps where our large hatch lets in drafts and covered the back doors with a blanket. No we haven't blocked any ventilators!

Ben's not bothered by the snow and runs ahead happily while I carefully walk behind - I don't want another fall. It's so easy to slip when it's icy underfoot so I took my walking pole out with me this morning. We had a lovely walk looking at the snowy landscape but it was also nice to be back in the warm boat.

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