Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Cold And Frosty Morning (Again)

A frosty fishy sculpture

Look closer at the frost

Today started with an unbelievable frost outside, everything was white with a thick layer of frost. When I went for a walk with Ben the dog I took some photographs of one of the towpath sculptures. The iron fish was totally transformed by the thick layer of frost on the metal. The fog which covered Ellesmere yesterday disappeared in the night and the clear skies with no cloud cover made it extremely cold overnight. Even with the fire in all night the temperature inside dropped to just 10 degrees C about 5am. We soon warmed it up with the central heating on.

Eric's been busy topping up the water tank with 100 litres of water but we still can't see water as the tank holds over 400 litres. He had to make four trips and it took half an hour each trip. Anyway the cassettes are done so we just need some coal and diesel tomorrow. I've been to the launderette to do a load of washing rather than carry water to use the machine on the boat. While it was washing I had my hair done at 'Ceri's ' killing two birds with one stone. I feel pampered because it's not often I have my hair washed, cut and blow dried!

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